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CERIGNOLA - 18 Gennaio 2016

Prisoners start workshop to repair wheelchairs

Atelier dell’Ausilio” is an experimental project promoted by local public institutions of Foggia along with nonprofit associations and cooperative operating in the territory. It aims to give better opportunities to the prisoners, giving them dignity and a job which is also useful for people with disability.

Indeed, on Friday 22th January, the project will launch a social workshop, in which inmates will repair wheelchairs and prosthetic aids.

The project, supported by Fondazione CON IL SUD, includes:

- recall of obsolete or abandoned aids at social and health districts’ premises and at the homes of private individuals;

- repair;

- the return of repaired and reconditioned objects.

The initiative started on May 2014 and during the first year the prison of Lucera (in the district of Foggia) has already been renovated and set up in order to make possible the activities of the projects.

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