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ROMA - 06 Luglio 2016

Good news are on board

The journey of “Il paese della sera” (The evening’s country, editor’s note) began at the end of June 2016 from the Central railway station of Milan. It is an unusual passenger, because it’s made of paper which tells good stories and it’s made by experts together with young guys who caught their first chance to work.

Paper printed and online magazine, “Il paese della sera” took an investment of 45,000 euro equally given by Foundation Cariplo, Foundation Bracco and Foundation WITH THE SOUTH. The project involves nine young guys – three of Italian nationality and six refugees – five volunteers and companies such as the Wsc organization, White Stone Company and the national newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”, which provided the required know how to let the project starts.

“Il paese della sera” is a fortnightly magazine and you don’t have to buy it, you can just enjoy it when you are on board of an “Italo” train: the magazine indeed is distributed for free by the nine young new workers in the trains starting every morning – from Monday to Friday – from the railway station of Milan and Naples. 

The pages of the magazine are written by professional journalists taken as volunteers from the mainstream media and from the field of culture with the purpose to give original and good news and features about social innovation, real stories and best practices of creative solutions to the social problems.

In this era, it’s very common in Italy to talk about the decline of the country. Despite of this negative thought, “Il paese della sera” aims to be the positive voice that tells to the audience of the travellers something different, stories of what is working in Italy, stories that deserve to be told.

Besides the paper printed magazine, “Il Paese della Sera” can be read on the official website, it can be followed on the twitter profile @paesedellasera and on the Facebook fan page.

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