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ROMA - 25 Luglio 2016

Scientific research in Southern Italy

Approximately 3,4 million euro to support 11 applied research projects in the biomedical field (such as research against cancer and Parkinson, cardiology, diagnostic, research for bone implants made of cork derivatives), in the food farming, environmental fields (such as marine pollution, geology, overfishing) and in the photonic field which is related to the optical fibre.   

The researches will be carry out by 11 young researchers - 5 men and 6 women, 2 foreigners, average age 38 years old – from 8 foreign and 3 Italian universities from the North of the country. They will work in different research centres in Naples, Salerno, Lecce, Cosenza, Catanzaro, Trapani, Catania.

This is possible thanks to Brains2South, a call for proposals by Foundation WITH THE SOUTH for young Italian and foreign researchers to "attract" brains towards Southern Italy. The initiative aims at "attracting" young excellences in research centres and university departments in Southern Italy, in order to increase connections with the rest of the world and to provide a chance to develop and strengthen independent careers. As pointed out by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the percentage of foreign researchers in our country is only just 3%. As opposed to this, as many as 16% of Italian researchers decided to continue with their research activities abroad.

<< Facing the phenomenon of "brain drain" from Southern Italy, we want to propose a new and pragmatic approach - says Carlo Borgomeo, President of the Foundation. - The problem is, in fact, not or not solely the actual migration of our talents: this would be a positive phenomenon, would it be normal and not pathological. It is the negative balance between incoming and outgoing researchers that impoverishes the future of our territories and the whole country. This call for proposals aims at “attracting brains” of young Italians or foreigners in the South, by addressing them directly. It requires them to submit innovative research proposals of applied scientific research, which are lasting and of significant impact, to be developed in research centres located in Southern Italy – also in the framework of partnerships with the scientific community, public, private and non-profit sectors>>.

Within the three previous editions of the Call for proposals (2007, 2009, 2011), Fondazione CON IL SUD supported 21 projects for the enhancement of excellence in human capital, allocating a total of 8.2 million euro.

A list with details of the projects is available here>>