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BARI - 10 Maggio 2017

Biodiversity in the urban park of Lama Balice

The International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSPUB>>) has recently published a paper about the BASE - Balice Smart Environment - a project promoted by a network of Italian association from Apulia and supported by Foundation WITH THE SOUTH to preserve the area of the urban park Lama Balice and encourage people to enjoy it.

The INNSPUB is a a wing of Shamokal Publications, a reputed publications in Bangladesh. INNSPUB is dedicated to publish scholarly research journals and books in English in the field of natural sciences, biology, medicine and agriculture all over the world.

Following an extract from the paper:

The BASE (Balice Smart Environment) Project systemically concerns the offer model and the community management of the urban Park Lama Balice, which has been able to express itself through the collaborations activated from time to time, but with important possibilities to develop and preserve important exemplarities because of its own shapeas Metropolitan Park.

Lama Balice is different from the other Apulian (Italy) regional protected areas which are specifically and geographically isolated, in fact, gaining the morphology of “hybrid Park”, it can expand the meshes of ecological networks around a strong man-made core like the Metropolitan City of Bari, strongly influencing urban development not just related to the planning, but also to the culture, its potential to characterize the metropolitan area through values as naturalness, biodiversity, environmental sustainability, ecology and proximity ecosystems representing the milestones of the European concept of Smart Cities.

A Smart Environment characterized with an Environmental Education Center (EEA) strongly typified by new technology and able to face the challenges of managing, protection and community enhancement of protected areas through the links between the historic plots of landscape, protection of biodiversity and challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

The Proposal, structured on fully convergent levels of intervention, is inspired by the most recent European guidelines concerning the Protected Areas Management. It aims to increase fruition, protection and enhancement of environmental assets and present biodiversity, consolidating an integrated supply system as an absolute innovation in the region and one of the most important in the Mediterranean area.

To download the full paper, click here>>

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