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Founded in 2006, Fondazione CON IL SUD is the first grant making organisation to invest in the development of Southern Italy entirely through private resources. We approach the challenges the region faces partnering with local civil society and third sector organisations to make a lasting and meaningful change.

Built as an alliance between foundations of banking origin and third sector organisations’ networks, in its first 16 years of activity Fondazione CON IL SUD has been promoting social innovation and development, by supporting local organizations that for their proximity are best suited to intercept and respond to the communities’ need and opportunities.

Based on the communities’ needs and what we considered to be drivers of social change, the Foundation’s areas of work include education and educational poverty, support to vulnerable people, social welfare, economic and social justice (cultural heritage, sustainability, social redistribution of mafia confiscated assets, social housing, labour inclusion, environmental protection, community welfare, gender equality).

Since 2006, the Foundation has delivered 280 million euros, partnered with over 7,000 organizations (nonprofits, public and private entities), funded over 1,600 impact projects for regional development and supported the creation of the first 7 community foundations in Southern Italy.

Since 2016, through its subsidiary ‘Con I Bambini’, Fondazione CON IL SUD has been entrusted with the implementation of the 600 million euros of National Fund to fight educational childhood poverty in Italy.

Other News

11 March 2024

The Sofigreen Project

Co-funded by the EU Commission, the project aims to support social enterprises in the green transition.

11 December 2023

Sting Performs in Naples’ Secondigliano Prison

A truly special performance unfolded last month in Naples' Secondigliano prison, where globally acclaimed artist Sting delivered a moving rendition of “Fragile” alogside the Quartetto del Mare

21 November 2023

A School of Traditional Neapolitan Nativity Art Will Open in Naples

During NIAF's 48th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC, attended by the US President and First Lady, Joe and Jill Biden, an international fundraising campaign was initiated by the National Italian American Foundation. They aim to raise 300,000 euros for the creation of the "Academy of Neapolitan Nativity Art"

1 June 2023

A mural for Parco Verde, Caivano

The mural "Nessuno Resti Solo" created by Palermitan artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri, was commissioned by Fondazione Con il Sud and donated to the community of Parco Verde

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