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Lama Balice, photo taken from the official website

10 May 2017

Biodiversity in the urban park of Lama Balice

Lama Balice is different from the other Apulian regional protected areas which are specifically and geographically isolated, in fact, gaining the morphology of “hybrid Park”, it can expand the meshes of ecological networks around a strong man-made core like the Metropolitan City of Bari, strongly influencing urban development.

Photo by Marco Costantino

19 September 2016

A multicultural store in Southern Italy

Its name is “Open” and it’s a new special store that promotes intercultural exchange between small foreign traders and local partners through work and social cooperation.

Photo by Valentino Bellini for the Guardian

2 March 2016

Jobs for refugees in Godfather country

D.r.a.g.o.” is a project which is giving work and hope in Sicily for people coming from wor-torn countries. The project is promoted by the Association Laboratorio della Legalità and it is supported by Fondazione CON IL SUD. The story on the British newspaper The Guardian.

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6 November 2015

Carlo Borgomeo: Build a better South

The problems of Southern Italy (the so called “Mezzogiorno”) are old, but, nevertheless, always new. Are we sure that conventional ideas about the Mezzogiorno are still valid – after so many years of policy failures? Carlo Borgome on Myrrha.

20 January 2015

Parco dei Paduli to the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe

“Parco dei Paduli” is located in a centuries-old olive grove of 5500 hectares in the district of Lecce and it has been selected by the Italian “Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo” to represent the country at the IV edition of the “Landscape Award of the Council of Europe”.

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