How We Work

Fondazione CON IL SUD operates through three main tools, in the six regions of Southern Italy:

  • “Exemplary” projects
    Initiatives whose innovative content, organisations involved, impact and territorial significance can turn them into benchmarks for social infrastructure.
  • Community foundations
    Non-profit entities that are the “expression” of local realities, whose capacity to raise funds to be invested for social purposes in the local territory represents an extraordinary subsidiarity. Absent from the Southern Italian panorama until 2009, the first five community foundations were established in Salerno, in Messina, two in Naples and in Val di Noto (Sicily), with the support of Fondazione CON IL SUD.
  • Volunteer programmes and networks
    Inzitiatives meant to strengthen the impact of the volunteer networks already operating in the territory.


Ongoing Monitoring

Since 2006, the Foundation has constantly monitored the progress of the initiatives financed, offering support to the ones underway and controlling the effects of the ones concluded through direct contacts with project managers, inspections and field visits.

The monitoring and assessment process of the financed projects is both a manifestation of attention towards the contribution recipients and an act of responsibility and guarantee towards stakeholders as regards the correct use of resources and achievement of the Foundation’s institutional purposes.

By targeting the great local potential, the Foundation has stimulated the exploitation of intangible elements such as good faith, cooperation, responsibility, human capital – all fundamental pieces to strengthen the social infrastructure of the “Mezzogiorno”.

The results were not long in coming: giving lie to some clichés, Southern Italy proved to be lively, enterprising and protagonist, responsible; and it has all it takes to try out and pursue independent paths of growth and redemption.

Other News

25 July 2022

In Sardinia, Our Welcome is Your Home

The "Sarrabus Domu Mia" project has opened the doors of its community hub to Ukrainian refugees by offering space where they could feel at home. 

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