Social Film Production con il Sud: 10 projects selected

26 April 2021

Ten projects have been selected through the second edition of Social Film Production Con il Sud, a call for proposals promoted by Fondazione CON IL SUD and Apulia Film Commission aiming at representing Southern Italy and its social phenomena.

The audiovisual projects belong to as many categories as requested by the call: “Environment”, “Culture”, “Legality”, “Territory”, “Rights”, “New Generations”, “Women’s Thought”, “Active Citizenship”, “Beyond Stereotypes” and “Covid Emergency”. The  projects, that will be film mostly in Puglia, Sicilia and Campania, will be fund with a total budget of 400.000 euros.

Social Film Production con il Sud is a unique call for proposals, because it requires italian and international movie enterprises to work with non profit organizations from Southern Italy – the area where Fondazione CON IL SUD operates. Movie enterprises bring the cinematographic expertise, while the non profit organizations can take care of the best valorisations and promotion of the social themes addressed, cooperating both in the phase of writing the screenplay and in the phase of promotion and dissemination of the audiovisual product. The selected movies from the first edition of the call are still collecting successes, proving that experiment worked.

The initiative is realised by Fondazione CON IL SUD and Apulia Film Commission, financed by Regione Puglia – Assessorato Industria Turistica e Culturale, in the framework of the strategic plan “Custodiamo la Cultura in Puglia” based on FSC Puglia 2014-2020 resources – Patto per la Puglia and Fondazione CON IL SUD’s own resources.

Below is the list of the selected projects:

Theme “Environment“: Il sentiero dei lupi by Andrea D’Ambrosio (Iuppiter Group with Fondazione Picentia and WWF Silentum from Salerno);

Theme “Culture“: Il titolo dell’opera by Chiara Bazzoli (Effendemfilm srl with Rete Museale e Naturale Belicina and Amici di Don Peppuccio Augello from Trapani);

Theme “Legality“: Riparazioni by Vito Palmieri (Articolture with Cooperativa Sociale C.R.I.S.I from Bari and A mano libera società cooperativa sociale from Andria);

Theme “Territory“: Teatro ai quartieri by Matteo Parisini (Ladoc Srl with Foqus Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli and Napoli Children from Naples);

Theme “Rights“: Hejmo by Antonio Messana (Melqart productions Srl with Associazione Crocevie 90 and Cooperativa sociale Koinonia from Trapani);

Theme “New Generations“: Le pagine del Sud by Alberto Bougleux (Open Fields Production with Associazione di promozione sociale Il Proteo from Foggia, Associazione Inventare insieme onlus from Palermo and Associazione Scuola in mezzo al mare onlus from Stromboli);

Theme “Women’s Thought“: Amando e cantando by Edoardo Winspeare (Saietta Film Srl with Fondazione Le Costantine and Fondazione di Comunità del Salento from Lecce);

Theme “Active Citizenship“: Qui non c’è niente di speciale by Davide Crudetti (Zalab Film with Associazione Circolo Mandolinistico San Vito dei Normanni, Qualcosa di Diverso Società Cooperativa Sociale and Associazione Culturale World Music Academy from Brindisi, Associazione Culturale Le Seppie from Cosenza);

Theme “Beyond Stereotypes“: Via municipio 1 by Luca Capponi (Arbash with Il Nuovo Fantarca Cooperativa Sociale and Associazione Circondario from Bari);

Theme “Emergenza Covid“: Anticorpi by Daniele De Michele (Audioimage snc with Associazione Culturale Fermenti lattici from Lecce and Arci Movie from Naples).

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